How To Get Me To Personally Coach You, and Guide You, One-on-One Through Your Next Few High Cash Flow Deals?


This program is only for those who are serious about creating cashflow from commercial property... fast!

*Access to this exclusive high-level program is by application and interview only.*


The application process will be in three stages.

Step 1

Apply by putting your best foot forward and filling out the survey of where you are at, what you want to achieve and how you believe James can get you there. It will only take you 10 minutes to do this - so it's nice and quick.

Step 2

Your first appointment will be with Mike G (Membership Rockstar) who will look over the information you've provided, have a 30 minute chat and then, if you fit the criteria, he will schedule a call with Mr Cash flow himself (James D)

Step 3

You'll get to have a scheduled appointment over the phone with James and he'll ultimately assess whether you're a good fit for this program or not. If you are, he'll formally invite you to be one of only 20 high-level students who are going to be allowed in.


If you are accepted into the Freedom Fast-Track program here's what you will get access to:

  • Personalised Strategy Roadmap

    You and James will conduct a detailed strategy session (over the phone zoom) where you will develop a step by step road map specific to your circumstances, goals and funding capacity. This roadmap will detail exactly the kinds of properties you should be looking for, the criteria you need to fulfil and where to start looking for these deals.

  • Ongoing One On One Coaching

    You will get scheduled direct access to James via one on one in person over the phone or streaming video sessions where you can get your deals reviewed, your due diligence critiqued and suggestions of how to negotiate a better deal or hidden profits that you may not have thought about. Using the Zoom platform you can even do an on-site check by streaming live while you’re onsite to show James around the property. (Note all sessions have to be scheduled in advance)

  • Fortnightly group huddle sessions

    Participate in fortnightly video roundtable mastermind sessions with James and other members of the Freedom Fast-Track. You’ll be able to get full-on reviews of your current deals, be a fly on the wall and see what other members are up to and ask any question you like. From time to time James will invite special industry guests to participate in these calls so you can create your own little black book of profitable experts.

  • Live Hot Deals

    James will on a regular occasion, post to a private only members area, red hot deals that he likes and fit his and freedom fast track criteria. These deals will be live and you’ll have the opportunity to buy if you feel they are the right fit. You might have been accustomed to James doing something similar in the commercial blueprint course (deal boards) think of this as the VIP section where the hottest deals will now be posted. If you’re worried about missing out, or not enough deals to go around, you shouldn’t be, James’ team will be likely to source between 50 & 100 deals in any given 12 month period. More than enough for everybody.

  • Twice yearly commercial convocation in Byron Bay

    This will be an intimate, powerful, advanced training and mastermind with James and other commercial professionals. This live event will be a chance to get high end commercial training, over 100 years of combined commercial experience and a chance to network with other like minded commercial investors and have a bit of lifestyle fun in James’ backyard. Venue and Dates TBA 2018

  • Coffee/lunch dates with James (2 sessions)

    You’ll have the unique opportunity to sit one on one with James for lunch or coffee. (James prefers lunch) This will be another opportunity to rub shoulders and get personalised mentoring from James directly, covering any subject you’d like to cover regarding your investment and wealth creation journey. You could go up to Byron, make a weekend of it, or when James is travelling around Australia he will reach out in advance and let his freedom FastTrack members know where he’ll be and you can arrange these sessions in your own backyard. (They will need to be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance)

  • Exclusive membership level

    Your Freedom Fast-Track membership will include private members only access to curated material, documents, spreadsheets and recordings of all fortnightly training sessions via our 24/7 access online training centre.

  • Freedom Fast Track Private Members Facebook Group.

    Keep up to date with all the latest happenings, opportunities, activities and general notifications via the private members only Freedom Fast-Track Facebook group.

This offer is limited to 20 people only.


Choose a date that suits and a time selector will drop down (all times are in Sydney time).

Enter your contact details and the phone number for where you’ll be contactable at your appointment time.

Complete for and add your appointment details to your calendar to remind you to be ready for the call.